Spotlight’s Story

How It All Began

Our story begins with a mission. The mission of Spotlight Stage Company is to welcome and train artists from all walks of life and skill levels in a friendly, warm and welcoming environment. We want all artists that work with our company to learn something new each time they work with us. We want each experience to be a positive one. 

Spotlight Stage Company works as a professional theatrical company. We have a ZERO tolerance policy on bullying, harassment or abuses of any kind. We welcome everyone to audition or be a part of our productions in some way. If you have a skill, we’d love for you to put it to use under the supervision of one of our experienced staff members.

Christopher, Jennifer and Sandy started this production company from the ground up. It was actually Sandy who gave Christopher the idea that he and Jennifer should start their own company. After working together on many productions and in many dance classes together, Christopher and Jennifer decided to take a leap of faith with Sandy and start something new. With their combined experience in theater, education and business, the Spotlight Stage Company came to fruition. 

It is Spotlight Stage Company’s goal to always include charitable organizations whenever we do an event or production. We believe that by including Connecticut charities we can further enrich the communities of Connecticut through the arts. A portion of monies raised from each production will be donated to different charities throughout Connecticut. 

Why do we travel? 

Because finding and outfitting a space is extremely expensive. We’re always looking for sponsors for our productions, businesses to run ads in our programs and also become a part of our family. With the help of our Connecticut patrons and local businesses we can someday create a permanent home for SSC. A place where artists of all ages can call home to learn, to work, to grow and become the best version of themselves they can be. 

We want the talent of our artists to shine in the spotlight. We want our sponsors and friends to take center stage. Join us in creating a more inclusive, vibrant and thriving arts community within Connecticut.